Corporate Eights Challenge

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Local companies are invited to supply mixed crews of eight people with little or no prior rowing experience for this fantastic team building experience. The event consists of 9 sessions including 8 training sessions and the race itself. Training sessions are twice weekly during the four weeks prior to the event.  The City of Oxford Rowing Club provides all the necessary equipment and coaching to bring the crews up to a competent standard.

As well as being good fun, the Corporate Eights Challenge is also an opportunity for company members to take part in a novel team-building exercise and meet other professionals from a variety of different businesses.  The essence of rowing focuses on good crew spirit with everyone playing his or her own role in an atmosphere of friendly competition.  It is a motivating sport and a good way of improving fitness and making new friends at the same time!   In addition to all the hard work involved, the Club bar is open after training to enable co-workers to relax outside of their usual working environment.

Training commences on July 2016.  There will be four training slots available with 2 crews per slot, as follows...

Mondays and Wednesdays 6pm
Mondays and Wednesdays 7:30pm
Tuesdays and Thursdays 6pm
Tuesdays and Thursdays 7:30pm

Crews will train twice per week during the four weeks leading up to the race (there is no training allowed on the Monday or Tuesday of the week of the race). The race will be held after the regatta weekend in August 2016 – it will include a prize giving and BBQ with friends and family welcome.

We are able to take 8 crews in total. The total cost per crew is £1,000. This includes:

  • Coaching by experienced and dedicated coaches
  • Access to training equipment
  • Trip to rowing tank
  • Advice on fitness and nutrition
  • Race entry (including food at the event)
  • Insurance cover

Crews who took part in the 2015 event

1) Henmans Freeth Solicitors

2) Oxford Policy Management

3) Zinc Ahead

4) Poyry

5) Chapman, Robinson and Moore

6) Watermeadow Medical

7) Penningtons Manches

8) Oxera 


Winners will be presented with distinctive pewter tankards and their company will receive a trophy to keep. Their company name will be engraved on the Corporate Eight Challenge Cup which remains at the club.

Runners up will be presented with distinctive medals and their company will receive a trophy to keep.

All other participants will receive a medal for taking part. 


2015 OPM (Cup), Henmans Freeth Solicitors (Plate)

2014 Savills (Cup)

2013 Holiday Lettings (Cup), Concha y Toro (Plate)

2012 Harley Davidson (Cup), BrookStreet des Roches LLP (Plate)

2011 Harley Davidson (Cup), Schlumberger (Plate)
2010 Holiday Lettings (Cup), Harley Davidson (Plate)
2009 Hamptons International (Cup), Sharp (Plate)
2008 Holiday Lettings
2007 Sharp (Cup), Manches (Plate)
2006 Schlumberger
2005 Harwell Scientifics Ltd
2004 Harley Davidson Motor Company
2003 R.T. Harris & Sons
2002 Hewden Hire Centres
2001 R.T. Harris & Sons
2000 Exitech
1999 Bookham Technology

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