Oxford City Royal Regatta

Events Offered

Saturday 20th August 2016 - 1000m downstream 

Sunday 21st August 2016 - 500m downstream

Please note that all entries including payment must be received by 6pm on Wednesday 10th August 2016. Payment should be made online using British Rowing Online Entry system.  Note that each day (Sat & Sun) appears on BROE as a separate event in the list of available Competition Meetings.


Entry fees: £10 per seat for all events excluding single sculls which are £12


Racing licences: The regatta is affiliated to British Rowing and racing licences must be presented.


Important note regarding the draw: A minimum of four crews must be entered in an event for it to be run. Where an event receives less than 4 entries, crews or scullers will be moved to the next higher status event available in the same morning or afternoon division. If this is not possible the undersubscribed event will be scratched from the programme. Crews not wishing to be moved to a higher status must state this clearly on their entry, especially Masters not wishing to race in younger age groups, or Novice Masters not wishing to race in Open Masters events.


Doubling up: No doubling up by competitors, coxes or boats will be allowed within a Morning or an Afternoon Division, but competitors, coxes and boats may race twice each day, once in the morning Division and once in the Afternoon Division.

Morning Events 
8+: IM2, NOV 
4x+: IM3, NOV, Mixed IM3, Mixed NOV *
4-: ELI
4+: ELI, IM3
2x: ELI, IM3
2-: ELI
1x: IM2, NOV

Afternoon Events
8+: ELI, IM3
4x-: ELI
4+: IM2, NOV
2x: IM2, NOV, Mixed
2-: IM2
1x: ELI, IM3

Morning Events
NOV 4+

Afternoon Events
NOV 2x


* new events introduced in 2015




Morning Events
J18: 4x-
J16: 4x-
J15: 4x+
J14: 4x+

Afternoon Events
J18: 2x, 1x
J16: 2x
J15: 2x
J14: 2x

Morning Events
J18: 2x
J16: 2x

J15: 2x
J14: 2x

J13: 2x

J12: 2x

Mixed J13: 4x+
Mixed J12: 4x+

Afternoon Events
J18: 1x
J16: 1x
J15: 1x
J14: 1x

J13: 1x
J12: 1x
J15: 4x+

J14: 4x+

J13: 4x+
J12: 4x+


In the first instance please contact the Club's Adaptive Co-ordinator Mic Dixon or Andrew Weekes for further information on what events can be offered.  We do not use BROE for adaptive entries because of the classification process required.

Saturday and Sunday lunchtime
There will be a Men's and Women's Sprint Eights event on the Saturday and a Mixed Sprint Eights on the Sunday.  For full details and eligibility please see the Quart Sprint Eights page at this link.

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